Friday, May 6, 2011

Try the Chilly Chicken

So, Chili Chicken is one of my favourite dishes from one of my favourite restaurants. I always imagine a cold, chilly chicken however while I'm eating it, despite it being on the slight spicey side as you can imagine, it has a bit of a kick!

Also, I tried to work really loose for the sketching and the clean up, getting out of my comfort zone in terms of brush use.  The results are mixed but it feels nice to have time to just scribble again.

I once drew a weird cartoon chicken on the take-out box of a friends left-overs, and I've always wanted to actually make a drawing of it.  Now seemed the appropriate time as I have drawn a lot of chickens and birds this year working on my thesis film Yaga. @.@

School is over and I am graduated and moved out of my college apartment.  The transition has not been smooth, there always seems to be a lot of potholes in the roads to my goals, but I suppose if it was easy, everyone would be trying to do it.  Right? (:

I have a new website up, (or .ca!) where I am going to keep things a little more professional.  Check it out, it's lookin' pretty spiffy over there.

Peanut out.

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Aminder Dhaliwal said...

all great artists paint puns :D