Saturday, May 21, 2011

A gorgon

Click on it to play.
As the title suggests I started sketching/painting a gorgon/medusa inspired chick and I just don't think I will ever actually complete it so figured I would post it up with a little gif of how I was working through it.

Little gif is giving me some little problems for some reason.  Plays fine from my harddrive but plays super slow and choppy and weird here.  I dunno I saved it wrong or something, but did it in photoshop and used the save for web selection so not really sure where I went wrong. :l Oh well, it was just a test anyways!

 Edit -  I restarted my hiccuping computer, plays fine now off website.  Yaaaay, pointless little gif win!

The "final"

Obligatory up close shot of face

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