Monday, December 28, 2009

Stop mo walk and arm tests.

Sifting through more school stuff, figured I'd upload some more stopmo stuff. Here we have the walk I did for my inclass assignment. Trying to make a smooth, slow, controlled walk. There's some popping I don't like but I was to far into the process to halt it all and go back. I always seemed to be the last person out of stopmo class, using up every last bit of time to try and get just that little bit more. You may remember my rough walk from a few weeks ago: Right here if you don't

And these little arm wave tests were from mid semester, when we first got to start using the full puppet. Getting used to isolation and stuff. Interesting stuff!

And I said I would talk about Nightmare Before Christmas since I got stuff for Christmas... Well, I don't want to take everything out of it's packaging while I'm at my parents house just to pack it back up to take it back to my apartment so I'll just tell you I got a few figures, and a scarf and a pair of gloves. Jack and Sally salt and pepper shakers, and shot glass looking things (they are ridiculously large for shotglasses though but not real cups) and I even got some Corpse Bride figures B: Go stopmo!

Now I should really get back to a commission I have... A 12x16 Acrylic piece. Real life painting! O: Heh, those old barbaric ways are still around.

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yeah you're always the last one out, and you have a very specific working face, its the same face you get when working maya.