Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Are ya reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaady? (TPatF anyone?)

So, because I like all of you so much, I figured I would update for Christmas. And I did start moving things around and getting things web ready while it was still Dec 25th, but now the day has come and pass, but I can still wish you a Happy Holidays and hope your Christmas was filled with joyous, happy wonder. In this post I'm going to just have a few things, although I planned on it being a big one with lots of school work, I think I'll leave that until tomorrow or the next day to fight blogger with videos and many many files B:

First up two drawings of women with bird elements. Drawn months apart from eachother. I plan on colouring both. We'll see how things go of course. The first is loosely inspired by Baba Yaga and some other ideas that were being thrown around in one of my film groups first meetings.

This next image is just kind of weird... but something that really appeals to my astethic. I miss drawing like this.These images of Hansel and Grethel were done for my literature course this past semester. I was inspired by this old illustrated story book compiled of many different stories from around the world. The artwork and colour handling is phenominal and I wish I could remember the artist's name or even the name of the book but alas, I left it at school when I came home for the Holiday B: I like the Black and White version better-er-er.
All of these images are some compiled images done for my group film: Kindling. The story of a "smoke-boy" trying to find where he belongs.

My next post will probably have something to do with either: Stop-motion (and, by relation, Nightmare Before Christmas, got a whole bunch of stuff for Christmas!) My Action Analysis Assignment and the steps which were taken to complete that OOOOOOOR that thing behind curtain number 3!

Peanut out!


Aminder Dhaliwal said...

dear lord thats a gigantic post.

glad to see you're posting all the stuff you've been working on in the past few months.

all fantastic pieces of course - it was actually really weird going through your smoke boy stuff and seeing things that i've seen before - but didn't know that you had drawn them.

Amber said...

Thanks Aminder! I would love to see all of the stuff you did too! You could have you own gigantic post B:

Bonnie said...

the very first sketch reminds me of the garbage lady in labrynth. love it!