Monday, February 22, 2010

I'll get you next time, TIME!

I've been meaning to update for awhile. Not that I have all the much to share. Meant to take some pictures of my lifedrawing, and I have a few sketches that could be scanned and shared. Meh. Instead I'll show you some old(er-ish) stuff.

Whenever I'm in my hometown with my friend Jessica, we always try to make time so we can hang out in Starbucks with eachother. She with her laptop and me with everything and the kitchen sink. P: The Oshawa Starbucks is really chill, and we always reorganize their furniture and I've brought in my light disk and animated before. Totally wicked.

Here's a picture that I drew for Carlos, the manager of the Starbucks, for Christmas (:

Ahhh, I could go for some starbucks right now. Either a light caramel frap or a no syrup iced americano. That's noms right there.

Second image was drawn because another 2 members of our group were missing the first day I drew the picture (: We are occassionly joined by Jessica's aunt, Sally and Jessica's Queens' friend, Susan. We have a lot of fun reconstructing the store then... It's not our fault there are 4 comfy chairs and they are spread all over the store! Our butts need cushioning... we generally spend the whole day there. Except for dinner break of course which is conviently located next door at Azian Cuisine. (The most delicious place of deliciousness ever)

Lastly, a few pieces I mocked up for a cd cover. Prompt was black and red limited palette (: I had Kristin in mind when I was doing the swirly design on the side (: Love her work, go check it out!

Peanut out!

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