Friday, December 4, 2009

StaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawpMOE <3

Hey lurks, this post is about STOPMOTION. Cause it's awesome.
In class assignment up first, done a few weeks ago. The Puppet Smash! I'm not overtly satisfied with how this turned out, I was having a lot of trouble with the timing and spacing and just getting things to work out for me. I was also very pressed for time, I would have loved to slow this process down and really work out where I wanted to go with it. 72 frame limit.. Definately used em. Could of had a lot better follow-through...

Next up is just a play around in class walk from today. Next week is the real assignment! I'll have to work quicker and be more precise next week but today was good practice! Ran out of time (of course) so you can just ignore that ending since I didn't have time to get the puppet to settle. A puppet balancing on one foot is awfully precarious...

We also got to make our own puppets in class. "Loonie Puppets" Super cute and super fun! Just made from wire and plumbers apoxy. Here's mine:

Of course he's hanging out with the coolest puppet of them all.

Lil' devil wants to fight!

He 's the main attraction at parties!
Hey! You should check out Aminder's loonie puppet, he's a daper fellow indeed!
Last but not least, you should check out my Portrait Place... because today I drew myself as a Coraline doll. (completely stop-mo related! OOooohyeah!)

Who knows what I'll do next! (I certainly don't)


Anonymous said...

From Heather, a.k.a. TooLazyToMakeAnAccount:

Love the smashing animation! Especially the clay ball (but I loved the doll too, don't get me wrong!). It looked like your doll took a club to an old fruit gusher or something.
You'll be Nightmare Before Christmas-ing in no time!

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

damn you and your amazing smash,

i really like the pull pose

thanks for the shout out:)