Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Harpy

Hey there art fans! (: Another update! And so sooooon. But it's another older piece and sneak look at a project I've been working on for a little bit, which I have no idea when it will come to completion because I imagine quite the numbers of hours needed to complete it to my standards. Here is a finished digipaint created in the first half of this year (:

I tried a new technique on it which turned out with mixed results. Definitely needs more exploration.

Hmmm, and just because I can, here is like a little stepthrough and places I took screens. P:

Here is the some of the WIP from a new digipaint that I will share with you: (:

Just another process one of where ther direction is heading now...

Peanut out!


Aminder Dhaliwal said...

remember that month you drew all that cutesy stuff? glad to see your back to being yourself :D

Amber said...

That month? Which we then added another month to? Ya, I remember.

Oh, how I remember.

I need to wade through all those files and post those up too. Some of those first drawings have such huge amounts of charm they still melt even my ice heart a little.