Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Internewt and the Bellringer.

Heh, so looking back through my dashboard, I discovered I had started several blogs posts that I never got around to finishing up for various reasons.. power outages, internet troubles, file confusion, etc, etc and since I was wondering why some of these things were missing, this works out! So here is a new post.. that is really actually just old, but stuff I wanted to share...


Hello, bloggers P: First up is an "inspirational image" for my fourth year film. I'm still running on the idea of The Bellringer, although the idea has changed quite a bit, and I imagine that it will continue to change in the coming months (:

Here we see the Celestial Mother, formerly known as the Sun Mother, coming over her temple (that'll change) trying to help the Moon Child (the Bellringer) return to the night! O:

Next up is a little leica that was put together for my Sound Culture class. Had to make a leica to a clip of music that we could choose from a list. I chose Poules et Coqs by Camille Saint-Saens. It worked well for a little idea I had developing from a conversation with my bf where the word, "internet" was misspelled P: Add a double-u to the word, and it becomes Internewt! Then this really rough leica was born (:

This little film idea is something I can see coming back to in the future. Time will tell though.. time will tell. (I hope it tells me make a great animation out of it :D Some have even suggested that I further pursue this as my thesis film...)

Today I am going to try to organize all my files that are currently on my computer, I just feel like my organization system... is not efficient enough. I'm not entirely sure how to make it better... but I have to do it before I try wading through the 100 some odd gigs of film files I have... *weeps*


Peanut out!


Karen Wood said...

Ah, the internewt...I love that little guy.

Amber said...

And he loves you too Karen!