Monday, August 2, 2010

Back from China! Here's some old stuff!

Wow! What a whirlwind trip!!! O: I have lots of stuff to post from the trip, I want to include pics from the places I went, the people I went with and the work that I did there. (: Worked hardcore from 18 days solid... 10 hour days, 16 hour days... 23 hour days.... @.@ Sometimes longer near the end. My hand was craaaaaaaaaaaamped!

So I have a lot.. (understatement, A LOT) of files to go through before I can get into uploading recent stuff, and then I realized.. well, I have a ton of old stuff I haven't thrown up! So here it comes:

My first semester of third year action analysis. All drawn and coloured and composited and what-not all done by moi! I think clean up killed this, and I was in the process of redrawing/reanimating things from it. Of course, new projects popped up.. like films =.= Soooo here it is:

You may see some changes if you remember me posting the first leica from *cough* October.... But regardless, hope you enjoyed!

Going to include just the 5 second clip from the reel that was animated and coloured. (:

That's all for now! Sorta... we shall see!! O:

Going to see Despicable Me tonight, I've got some movies to catch up on! (Inception was fab!)

Peanut out.


Aminder Dhaliwal said...

wow you hadn't posted this yet! shame on you! i won't forget compositing these assignments next door to you :P

Amber said...

How could you forget?

"Amiiiiiiindeeeeeeeeeeer, how do I move the camera?? What am I doing?????"

(: Thanks for all the spiffy help.