Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ride a Unicorn and Dump the Sketches!

Here's a little update for you all!

Earlier this month I went to a friend's beautiful wedding and wanted to make the couple something a little special!  I've known Bonnie since we were children and I remember the days when I used to draw her unicorns and pegusus all the time. As a little kick I wanted to draw them something fun and special. I had this printed and gave them a framed version at their wedding. I've heard from the source that they are quite happy with it and have hung it up in their home. (:

 Aaaaaaand a big sketch dump XD

Peanut out!

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Bonnie Dingwall said...

All visitors that use our washroom (where is is hanging) comment on how awesome it is!

don't tell anyone- but it may just be the best wedding gift ever!

Can't wait to get a new frame to extra protect it and have it last forever!