Friday, August 17, 2012

Manimate - 24h films to the tune of Trickery!

After having such a blast last year animating a short film for Ashlyn's awesomely run Manimate - make a film in 24 hours, I had to participate once again! This time dragging my good friend Brittany LeClerc into the mix we created a quirky little creepy film...

Turn off the lights and put on your headphones and immerse yourself into Bedroom Boy!

  This is essentially the rough pass, we are already working on cleaning up and colouring the animation, as well as the bgs and are set to record our own sfx in the comings weeks. Be sure to stay tuned. As always, thanks to Ashlyn for hosting an amazing event! (Follow the link at the top to view last years films as well!) For the lazy, I will include my last year film here as well! Peanut Out!


Aminder Dhaliwal said...

I like how even when you intend to stay away from creepy, you can't - you're just too good at haunting us!

Loved your film!

Amber said...

Yeah, I was like - this year... This year I will do a comedy! - Pft, fat chance!