Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Be Brave!

What an intense month it's been! I just have to be like Merida and stay strong and Brave in the face of adversity! (Also old age - I turned 24 bah!)

 The full image! I think I will make it into a bookmark for myself!

 Details shot of her face!

 A scary thing happened when I turned off some layers when I was getting started. AHHHHhhhhhh..!!

What it looked like in the sketchbook - my fingers popped into the scan P: I love working in this small format with pen. I originally drew this the night after coming home from seeing the movie in theaters the first week it was released (very delayed, I know - my free time has been far and inbetween) and I didn't know if it was Merida or Meridah... after several moments of thought I decided to add the H at the end, a few more moments and I didn't think the H should be there and tried to draw a bear over it - haha. All laugh at my fail bear. (I know what I should practice next!)

So I scanned a full sketchbook of small pen works - so expect more frequent updates cause I finally set up my scanner!

Peanut out!