Sunday, July 3, 2011

SC2 Little Kerrigan

I was beginning to think I would never get this done.  I started this well over a month ago, but things kept blindsiding me so I never got any spare time to finish it off...  I am finally *mostly* over my tonsilitis, caught up on work and I found a wee little bit of time this morning in my empty quiet house because today is my birthday!  I feel so old. (I was sick before I got the tonsilitis too ): My immune system kind of flipped me off and took a vacation for a month.)

Anyways, this long time in coming gift is for JoshSuth or AskJoshy or Josh Sutherland or whatever other alias he may have. I had planned on making him a piece of gift art since Dec when I started watching his youtube channel and catching all his commentary on pro SC2 games.  (I'm pretty sure I watched them all, right from the beginning @.@)  I was working so much on my film that I had no time to play SC2 myself and watching commentaries were a lot of fun and helped me stay productive and Josh's channel was amazing!  I can't believe how much content he puts out.  I started catching the V on those Friday nights I was always in on, working on my film, and started branching out and watching more coverage into the SC2 community.  It truly is amazing!  Now I seem to visit screddit, warpprism, and twitter nearly every day to see who is doing what or who is streaming.  I watch any tourneys I can and am amazed with all the players.  While I work on something, there is rarely not a stream on, I even watched Josh's all day birthday stream.  I stayed for the tetris.  Oh ya.

Well, I don't know what else much to say, I love SC2, AskJoshy was my gateway drug into watching and streaming it constantly (aka, eating up all my bandwidth). I'm really not a very good player myself, I stick to custom maps mostly and kill people mercilessly in starjeweled on the rare chance I get time to play, although I'm better at getting the sets than actually knowing what units would be good to send at what point, I mess up there a lot <.<

But ya!  Big thanks to Josh, and all the other casters that do all this great coverage, all the players that stream and to the wonderful community (:  SC2 rocks!


Wesley Blondin said...

Kerrigan was so hot before she got all zergy.

Where did you go, hot sassy orange-hair ghost kerrigan? We miss you.

What else is hott?

This painting. That's right.

Amber said...

Wesley!! O: Kerrigan is still friggin' hot as hell as a 'zergy'.

But I remember being a little girl and playing SC1 and broodwar thinking: Being like Kerrigan would be so awesome, I'm going to be a ghost operative one day.

Animator is close enough I guess.