Saturday, June 18, 2011

She holds a balloon.

A boring Saturday night in.  Almost finished a 'bigger' digital paint which should be uploaded in a few days.  Took a break from working on it cause I just wanted to sketch this chickey out.  I love drawing the female form on the plumper side, especially big legs.  I also seem to be gearing towards cute-si-er girls as of late.  I think it would be very fair to say that this was very inspired by this video:

I just love everything about this video. I think I may actually do a fanart of her and the bouncer, so friggin cute/AWESOME. It also makes me miss animating >:

Peanut out.


Aminder Dhaliwal said...

even when you switch styles this picture is SO 'amber robinson' haha, love the earring - love it all

Wesley Blondin said...

That video was.... INTENSE.

G.D.F.L. !!!!

(group D for life)