Tuesday, July 7, 2009

(EVEN) More Avatardness (:

Drawn last year in a paticulary boring art history class while I was in a high of watching the Avatar seasons (again).

I had a preview of this on my blog [link] back in April but I changed how I was working it and this is the result! Needless to say I didn't fix any of the mistakes in the lineart :l Oh well!

Semi-cel-shading technique? Oh mys..

I feel like rewatching the seasons again, seems like an every 2 month or so kind of deal with me. I had some other characters drawn up from way back when as well... Katara, Sokka and a few different versions of Aang since he wasn't really cooperating. I thought I scanned them but I can't be sure of where they are or where the originals are... If I'm feeling ambitious at some point perhaps you will be seeing them at some point O:


Same deal as Toph, drawn last year, several mistakes, coloured up now. (:

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