Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sea Witch

Painted up a sketch I did last year. Done for Boris' bday, which is now very much past, although it was only a few days late by the time I had finished it, I ended up forgetting about it for like 3 weeks and then I realized I had forgotten her earrings. Heh.

Not too sure where I sit on this image... Since the sketch was from last year and I've improved since last year, or, at least I think(hope?) I have, I don't like the feel of the image. It's really lacking in a "real life" quality and is terribly stiff. A bit of a learning piece in terms of painting at any rate. (:

Can't say for sure or not I'll touch on this again.

Also! Another coming soon(er or later)

I usually paint characters rather large but this guy is from a group painting, I can't even recall the last group shot I even drew let alone painted besides this one so it's going to be a bit of a push P:

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