Friday, March 1, 2013

Life of the Dramatic

I actually painted this about two weeks ago, and it seems a suiting time to post it online and share since the drama don't stop!

I sold a woman a print of this and she later asked me the story behind it, but first I asked her interpretation of it. It was so different from the place I painted it from I found it quite interesting and remarkable what she got from it. I suppose that's the great thing about art. You put it out there, let it go and you never know how people will interpret it. She loved it and thought the woman was extremely strong and proud in the image, burning brightly against the dark.  Maybe you'll feel that way too! Maybe you see something different! Regardless, enjoy!

Peanut Out.

1 comment:

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

ooh i see it different, she's scared and protecting herself - strong yes, but just like fire, she could easily become uncontrollable