Monday, November 21, 2011

Just sketchin' it out

While my friend was watching the most recent ep of The Walking Dead, she was talking to me on IM and I was sketching.  Now, I've gotten pretty used to this and really don't care much, sometimes asking for the details of the comic myself when she drops the "weeeeell, that's not how it went in the comiiiiiiiiiic/x was this way in the comic while y was that' line but tonight for some reason it irked me a little more than usual and I could not help but for this to be created:

I enjoy talks about the differences between mediums of the same series, I do, but, it often requires me to have enough time to consume both mediums... and while I believe it is my own problem for not having read them yet, so I can't be like OMG NO SPOILERS GUIS, I don't go actively seeking out what's happened when it's my full intent to enjoy the series later on in a different platform. I can still enjoy the show - as a show - on show like merits - as is. Without having to know how it differs with a play by play in every ep.

PS - friend, I still love you, it's ok.  Now I just think it's funny.

Peanut out.

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Aminder Dhaliwal said...

I feel sorry for anyone who has to feel your wrath