Saturday, December 18, 2010

I had these picture come my way back from last summer when I had gone to see a play and spend the day in Stratford with Susan, Jessica, and her aunt, Sally. Boy, time sure does fly.

Look into Sally's cup, what do you see?

Unsure? How about a better look?

Personally, this is what I saw:

Some sort of death like creature with a skull like face and a coffee cloak.  In the negative space of what would be the skull face I also saw what could only be considered a backpacking teddybear.  Probably on his way to a picnic.

I think the death character is wearing a watch cause someone mentioned something about Dhali...

Peanut out!


Ayan said...

Its like harry poter's that ord thingie. lol.
Research it out.

Amber said...

Lol, I have no idea what you are talking about Ayan.

Ayan said...

u remember Prizoner of Azkaban....The grim in the tea cup.

Nikolas Ilic said...

lol w.e it is its pretty awesome!!