Monday, October 5, 2009

Is it 3rd year already Batman?

This year is pretty intense. Pretty awesome so far, although I would love it a lot lot more if I was not sick, sick, sick. Stop Motion in class assignment. Car crash! "They nearly collide at frame 13, following a predetermined path, then crash at frame 36" Neat. It was a lot of fun, this is my third take. My first I messed up almost immediately, the camera being way too close, I didnt have enough space for a nice composition so I scrapped it. Shot the second but thought the timing and spacing was weak and then shot this one. Liked it a lot better than the second but I was running out of time and getting frustrated with the red car cause the wheels were loose and kept rolling away after I would place it at the end for the slow out @.@ Not noticable that much in movement, but can be seen when still framing it (: Nit pick!

Next up we have my super awesome Action Analysis Assignment Leica. Pretty excited for this project. Really need to work up that layout and tighten up the character. I think it will be a lot of fun. And a good gear up for the group film process. (Woohoo pre-production work this semester? Maybe look foward to some concept art?)

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Aminder Dhaliwal said...

yeah i totally wouldn't have notice the red car thing, if you hadn't said it to me like 5 times, i like the composition too - the first time i tried my crash was a little farup

love the leica - but you already know i do.