Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stagecoach - A Character Design Project

These were done near the beginning of March, shortly after my Grandmother passed away. The whole experience was rather numbing and I didn't care much what happened with it. I like how some aspects came out but I'm pretty much on the fence. I didn't give this assignment my all but I gave as much as I could at the time.

Colour was added for digital painting course. John and Trixy (Rooster and Hen) definately turned out the best.

Sheriff John The Hero
He's the cock of the walk. Protecting the town and smitten with Trixy, he believes he has everything under control.

Pun's are cool.

The poses are pretty crappy.

Trixy The Love Interest
This clucky saloon girl knows a thing or two about love. She's the finest piece of poultry around and has eyes for Sheriff John.

Gangrene The Villian
This good for nothing outlaw only seeks to disrupt Sheriff John's life and town.

Gumbo The Comic Relief
Gumbo was once John's sidekick, offering his services as a cook. He wasn't very good. He found his niche in bartending... visitors are advised not to drink the house brew.

His page was too ugly to post, it's a sin against man.


Nikolas Ilic said...

i will avenge myself in smash!!! you will see......have a good summer amber..ya u like that.....

Amber said...

I like the fact you commented on this entry and not the one before it... The entry on Smash...